Anglo Urdu Hr. Sec. School...
Our school established in the year 1917 as the GOVT ANGLO URDU HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL,Station Road Hubli.In the year 1965 the Anjuman-E-Islam Hubli has taken over the school from the Govt since then its is permanently recognized by the Govt as the Anglo Urdu Higher Secondary School, as the Govt Aided School.Our school is the minority institute with a Linguistic Minority Management.
  Our school has a Hostel for all the students,it was a secular hostel with all the religion poor students stays there ,the hostel provides the shelter and food .It was maintained through the donations from rich people of Hubli.
  Our High school is the oldest one in the undivided Dharwad District. In the initial years of school all cast and gender students studied all the languages,such as Urdu, Kannada,English,Persian,Arabic,Hindi Etcs
  About 16,990 students passed through our school till date. Our school has produced many brilliant students who have professionally successful in all the educational fields.
The infrastructure of our school is excellent,total 12 division of high school section of which VIII=04,IX=04,and X=04 all the class rooms installed with the cctv cameras to monitor the students activity. The class rooms have sufficient sitting arrangement of desks and the science Laboratory fully equipped with the scientific materials along with LCD projector. School academic results in the SSLC examination is excellent every year we have three to four distinction students.Our school is the main SSLC Examination center for about 09 tagged schools.

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