About AEI...
Nawab Sardar Mehboob Alikhan
Founder President,
Anjuman-E-Islam, Hubli
  Ali Janab Quadri Miransaheb Shabdi
Founder Vice-President,
Anjuman-E-Islam, Hubli
Ali Janab Hussain Baig Saheb Foujdar(Farooqui)
Founder Chairman of
The Managing Committee
Anjuman-E-Islam, Hubli
  Ali Janab Hazrat Moulana
Moulvi Hafiz Quari
Waliullah Shah Quadri
Founder Member,
Anjuman-E-Islam, Hubli
Anjuman – e – Islam, Hubli, is the central organization of Muslims of Hubli City. Founded in the year 1903 by no less a personality than Alijanab Sardar Mehboob Ali Khan Saheb – the brother of the then Nawab of Savanur. The Institution holds the distinction of being the first and oldest Anjuman of State of Karnataka.
Being a premier institution of North Karnataka, the Anjuman is primarily a socio- economic, cultural and educational Minority Institution. Earlier it was registered under the Provisions of Bombay Public Trust Act before Charity Commissioner, Belgaum. With the enactment of Wakf Act 1954, it is registered as Wakf with the Karnataka Board of Wakfs, Bangalore.
With a view to streamlining the socio- economic, cultural and educational activities, its founding fathers have designed a Constitution which finds its roots under the pious principles of democracy, “SERVICE UNTO HUMANITY” being the guiding principle, the Constitution envelopes, in its broad folds certain concrete objectives. Amongst others, the objectives include;
  • To encourage and foster goodwill and cordial relations with people of all communities;
  • To encourage, foster and support all activities and programmes dedicated to the cause of national integration;
  • To establish, manage and administer educational institutions including institutions for imparting commercial, industrial, medical, technical and vocational training as well as training in arts and crafts;
  • To give special attention to education of Muslims especially the muslim females;
  • To assist the students and the educational institutions financially.
Services In The Realm Of Education
The Anjuman is whole – heartedly committed itself to serve the cause of education both general and professional, especially amongst the socially – backward and economically weaker sections of society comprising the Muslims, the SC’s, the ST’s, and other Minority communities. Education is imparted from Nursery to Post graduation level. The Anglo Urdu Higher Secondary School being the first educational venture founded in 1917. Presently there are as many as 27 educational institutions functioning under its administration. These institutions also include the High Schools for Girls; a Composite Junior College for Girls, ITC for Girls and a full- fledged Degree College for women.
To commemorate the well – cherished memory of the First Prime Minister of free India Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Anjuman – e- Islam deemed it befitting to institute a multi-disciplinary college entitled Nehru Arts, Science and Commerce College, Hubli. Presently the College has on its roll as many as 2000 students. TQM in higher education being the guiding principle, the college has been disseminating knowledge in the realm of management sciences leading to the award of Degree in B.B.A & B.C.A.

The year 1998-99 marks a new era in the academic history of Anjuman-e Islam,Hubli,when it founded the Post graduation Centre.

Having made a modest beginning with M.A.in Economics today there provision for M.A.in English and M.Com. Hopefully, we will be adding the M.Ed. course during the academic year 2013-14. In addition to this the institution holds the distinction of Prwiding guidance to the students Pursuing research studies for the award of Ph.D. degree.
Since the Technical, Medical and Professional education has been receiving over whelming significance, the Anjuman – e- Islam, has stepped in to Technical and Para-Medical Courses A synoptic view of our educational institutions is presented in Table below.
1. Nehru Arts Sci & Commerce, Degree College, Ghantikeri, Hubli
2. Nehru Arts Sci & Commerce, P.U.College, Ghantikeri, Hubli
3. Nehru B.B.A. & B.C.A.College, Ghantikeri, Hubli
4. Post Graduate Centre, Nehru College, Ghantikeri, Hubli
5. Study Center K.S.O.University Mysore, Ghantikeri, Hubli
6. Nehru Industrial Training Centre Nehru College Campus , Ghantikeri, Hubli
7. Anglo Urdu Hr. Sec. School, Ghantikeri, Hubli
8. Sardar Mehboob Ali Khan Nursery & Primary School,Ghantikeri, Hubli.
9. Anjuman T.T.I, Ghantikeri, Hubli.
10. Anjuman Institute of Information & Technology Ghantikeri Hubli.
11. Moulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad. Ghantikeri Hubli.
12. Anjuman Centenary B.Ed College Ghantikeri, Hubli.
13. Sardar Mehboob Ali Khan, English Medium, Hr. Primery School,Ghantikeri Hubli.
14. Anglo Urdu Girls H. School, Koulpeth, Hubli.
15. Anglo Urdu Girls Composite Junior College,Koulpeth Hubli.
16. Anjuman Arts College for Women, Koulpeth, Hubli.
17. Anjuman Urdu Nursery –O-Primary School, Idgah Maidan, Old Hubli.
18. Anjuman Industrial Training Center for Women, Idgah Maidan, Old Hubli
19. Anjuman Polytechnic Ayodhya Nagar, Idgah Maidan, Old Hubli
20. Anjuman Urdu H.Sch. Idgah MaidanOld, Hubli
21. Anjuman Para Medical Institute Station Road Hubli.
22. Anjuman Hospital & Research Centre, Station Road, Hubli.
23. Sardar Mehboob Ali Khan English Medium High School,Ghantikeri, Hubli.
24. Nehru Post-graduation Centre M.A. {Eco} Ghantikeri Hubli.
25. Nehru Post-graduation Centre M.A. {English} Ghantikeri Hubli.
26. Nehru Post-graduation Centre M.COM Ghantikeri Hubli.

Anjuman Calligraphy Training Centre

To commemorate the well cherished memory of Hazrat Tippu Sultan Shaheed (R.A) the freedom fighter of India, Anjuman –e-Islam, Hubli has instituted an endowment of Rs. 50,000/- with the Karnatak University, Dharwad on his Centenary Year Celebration in the year 1995-96. Further it has announced scholarships to the research scholars who will be conducting research on the superlative achievements of Hazrat Tippu Sultan Shaheed (R.A).
National Integration, Peace And Communal Harmony
One of the objectives of Anjuman’s Constitution is to encourage, foster and strengthen all activities dedicated to the cause of national integration. Since its inception, the Anjuman has been playing a decisive role in maintaining peace and communal harmony in Hubli City.
With a view to promoting peace and avoiding tension, the Anjuman has forbidden the Moharrum Celebrations and Musical Parties in Matermonial ceremonies. As many as on two occasions when Id – e- Milad and Ganesh Chaturati Utsava had co- incided, the Anjuman has altered its regular marching routes of its Julus (gathering) leading to Asar Mohalla and directed the Julus through insensitive areas. To avoid communal tensions on the eve of Holi celebrations in Hubli, since two years, the Anjuman has been organising Peace Rally involving Non Muslim brothering. The rally starts from Hazrat Sayed Fathe Shah Wali Dargah via all Temples and Mosques to Moorsavirmath, Hubli.

Observance of Id Milan involving the Religious Heads of various communities and the dignitaries of Hubli City has been a regular feature of Anjuman every year.

It will not be impertinent to place on record that when there were communal riots regarding the unfurling of National Tri- Colour in Idgah Maidan, Traffic Island, Hubli, the enlightened Management of Anjuman has been unfurling the National Tri Colour on Independence Day and the Republic Day every year involving all the dignitaries of the city. Perhaps in recognition of our such distinguished and dedicated services, the Anjuman –e- Islam, Hubli was awarded the most prestigious Rajya Utasava Award from Govt of Karnataka in 1995 by no less a personality than the former Prime Minister of India, and then Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri H.D. Devegouda. The award was received by the I/C President and the sitting MLC Shri Ismail Saheb Kalebudde.